I just had the most fun making curtains for our TV room, and it was EASY!




*      The Pattern is an easy one, McCALL’s 4331, where the panels are cut by suggestion.  The interesting part of this comes from using two fabrics, and an innovative mounting hardware: Quik­Tach Tape™ and Flex-On Loops™.  This is proprietary can be gotten only from www.sewingpatterns.com. 


*      The Quik­Tach tape comes in 100in lengths with 10 holes pre-cut for the Flex-On loops.  Colors abound for both loops and fabric.  The neat thing is that once you have mounted your window hardware, you don’t have to take the rod down to hang the curtains. 


*      The panels were measured to fall on the floor with no spare fabric to “puddle” at the windows.  The hem was accomplished by using stitch-witchery no-sew webbing.  The water marks are a result of the using a wet cloth to fuse according to the webbing instructions and dried with no problem.


*      The best part of my project, I think, was that by using the entire length of the Quik­Tach™ tape, I could overlap the two panels in the center to ensure that the window was fully covered so that when we watched TV, there would be no errant light.  I opted against using swag hooks or other ways to “push back” the panels, and simply included ribbon in the side seam (when I joined the lining to the drapery) and I can tie them open whenever I need to.



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