Lieutenant No Longer

As previously mentioned (and shamelessly emailed to all members of our families) Trevor was promoted in early September. And for our friends and are pictures of the ceremony at which that happened. Special thanks to 1Lt. Louis Anthony for manning the camera. 



10:00 a.m.

Meet in the parlor area of the third floor of DIA Building, where flags, chairs and a podium have been set out.  People are asked to come to order, and Trevor snubs Lauri ann by sitting not in the empty seat next to her...but 4 seats down, next to his boss.  (something we should know about, dears???)

 Lieutenant Lowell Wilson reads a welcome and recognizes Lauri ann in the audience area, strangely enough Trevor has moved (really fast) to the empty seat, and now everyone can see them sitting amiably together, as it is said that she will aid Captain Salvagnini in pinning on the new Captain insignia.

10:15 a.m.

Captain David Salvagnini says a few words extolling the merits of Captain-hood (any relation to Captain Hook? Robin Hood?), and Trevor's meritorious rise to that rank.  The words were well chosen and brought to the fore the importance of being an officer.  The respect that Trevor is held in is obvious, both by the sincerity of the words, and the presence of the other attendees


Lauri ann is invited to the front, and the new insignia is affixed to the jacket shoulders--Is Trevor really wearing full Class A's with a jacket in THIS heat?

            Trevor reaffirms his oath of service, and is sworn in.  It's Trevor's turn to talk, and in true Abell fashion, the dashing young officer credits his co-workers and his staff as the driving force behind his success and then stammers around for the words to say that he's quite speechless, as usual.

10:40 a.m.

It takes a good 40 minutes for the rest of the attendees including David Lester to return to their offices.  This isn't so bad, cause Lauri ann gets to meet people that she's heard of (if only in passing) and eventually Trevor and Lauri ann retire to the officer's club for lunch.  Trevor does NOT get the rest of the day off (It was Friday, too), but  it was a good morning...and it meant so much that we were able to do this together.











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