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Welcome to our Web site!

Our Web Page(s) cover a wide range of subjects that deal with various hobbies, interests, passions, and our first home.  Mind you, these pages are constantly under construction.  But you're welcome to "pardon our dust" and come inside and look around. 

Lauri ann's Katharine Hepburn Web Site

Coming Soon-While we're learning how to maintain and keep up the main site, Lauri ann is working on a small site of her own...dedicated to her heroine.  It has a separate web address and we're hoping to add it to a Katharine Hepburn webring

Quote:"The people I've looked up to, Jim Henson, Fred Rogers and now Katharine Hepburn have left this world.   I'm going to do my best to buck up, be strong and wear pants while I remember to be nice to my neighbors even if it isn't easy being green" Peekster93

Short News

10/20/2003  We're gonna have company for Thanksgiving.  Lauri ann's mother will be staying at the house (her first time to even see it) for 10 days.

9/21/2003  Hurricane Isabel came and went and left us largely unscathed.  Along with some rain, we had trees downed, and yards mussed.  Others lost power, we gained 'neighbors'

9/5/2003     Trevor has been promoted to the rank of Captain.

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Lauri ann's 10yr high school reunion was the weekend of Oct. 25th.  Although it was much discussed, Trevor was in Baghdad for the entire month of October.  He returned just before the Ramadan bombings.

Where we spend all our time on the web:
bullet eBay
bulletTurbo Diesel Registry
bulletAsk Jeeves - where LaP searches
bulletGoogle - where Trevor searches
bulletThe Straight Dope - Get the facts about tons of stuff

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