This is one of the dreariest pages to create...but altogether one of the most important.  If we're going to invite you in to out little corner of cyber space...ought we not at least tell you a bit more about what it is?  It's not exactly "come into my parlor" territory, really...but closer, little fly, closer...

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Trevor and Lauri ann are both graduates of Texas Tech University and Native Texans.  He was born in Ohio, but truly holds to the adage "he got there as fast as he could".  She was born in Texarkana, and although moved no fewer than 17 times, only spent a handful of months beyond the boundaries of the Lone Star State until her 24th birthday.  He went into the Air Force after graduation, she to graduate School in Indiana--Purdue.   While Trevor was stationed at BollingAFB, this was their first home  located in a Maryland suburb of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.


It was a small-ish house, with lots of trees and it appealed to them both, except for the raking.  He has such of love of creating, of grabbing hold of an object or area and molding it with his bare hands and power tools into something to be proud of.  He has a table saw, drill presses and a belt sander (or two) and he's not afraid to use them.  This fits in so well with Lauri ann.  She cooks, sews and makes lots of things to beautify her area.  She's been quoted as saying that anything really cool in the house, she either made or remade.  It's true.  Check another area of the website (HOUSE) to see what they've done to many of the rooms. 

She's a Daddy's Girl, drinks vodka almost straight, and would stay up all night if she had someone to talk to, he's the Strong, Silent type, prefers beer, and plays video games whenever he can.  She has over a hundred pairs of shoes, and he'll drop a hundred dollars on power tools without breaking a sweat.  They share hobbies.  They read (she more than he) sci-fi books, they work on the yard (he more than she), and enjoy trucks, movies, dancing and bygone days.  They love to play dress up...either in vintage duds for a rockabilly dance and concert, or fun costumes for renaissance faires and fairie festivals, or their boots, hats and jeans for a good ol' Texas time. (sound corny?  It is...but fun).


                      Welcome to Trevor and Lauri Ann's world!!

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