Most people have web pages filled with their favorite things and activities.   Other web pages take time to teach you things and show you how to accomplish what you need.  I am not very sorry to tell you that this segment of the page is one of the former.

We like movies.  We go to the movies at least once every two weeks, rent often and are trying to remodel the downstairs den into a very inviting place.  The fireplace is a definite plus--if only we could get the smoke to flow up rather than out.  

But the best part of a in-home-movie theater are, of course, the movies.  

Trevor's favorite movies                                           Lauri ann's Movie Page 
Ice Age                                                                                            Hey, if you haven't figured it out,
Lord of the Rings                                                                                  this girl will not be satisfied simply
Bram Stoker's Dracula                                                                          with a list
Roughnecks [The Starship Troopers Animated Series]
Toy Story

And the movie stars.  To wit:  Lauri ann has a very (let's just call it unique) relationship with two of the silver screen's most recognizable faces.  
    Katharine Hepburn and Molly Ringwald.

Try these links to discover your  inner movie buff, or to check our facts:


* -- denotes movies that, as of yet, are not currently in our  movie collection   (Family and friends: gift hint)


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